Propuestas de innovación educativa en la sociedad de la información

Educational Innovation Proposals in the Information Society


Editors: Santiago Pérez Aldeguer, Guadalupe Castellano Pérez & Alfredo Pina Calafi
ISBN: 978-94-92805-00-3
Language: Spanish (English titles and abstracts)
Publication date: July, 2017
Pages: 191
Description: This edited volume is composed of fifteen chapters and covers topics such as educational robotics, mobile applications in the classroom, teaching-learning methodologies and virtual environments, ecology, education in values and emotional intelligence.

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Table of contents

1. Gamification and Flipped Classroom with Estenmaticas
Guadalupe Castellano Pérez
Pages 1-14
2. Educational Robotics in Primary school: Why and How?
Alfredo Pina Calafi
Pages 15-27
3. Mobile App to Support in the Learning of the Subject “Ophthalmology” in the Degree in Medicine at the University of Valladolid 
Miguel J. Maldonado López, Isabel de la Torre Díez, Miguel López-Coronado, José C. Pastor Jimeno
Pages 28-38
4. Interactive computer programs for Health Sciences undergraduate training in Pharmacology discipline
Elena González Burgos
Pages 39-47
5. Factors influencing blended and collaborative learning in Moodle in Didactics of Experimental Sciences in Primary Education Degree
Mónica Herrero, Antonio Torralba-Burrial
Pages 48-60
6. Automatic analysis of the code in object-oriented programming practices
Pedro Delgado-Pérez, Inmaculada Medina-Bulo
Pages 61-71
7. Design and start up of a model of use in educational technologies for support the learning in mechanical physics
Jorge Augusto Jaramillo Mujica, Leonel Felipe Morales Avella, Diana Marcela Coy Mondragon
Pages 72-81
8. EMOROBOTIC: Emotional Management through Robot Programming in Primary Education
Víctor López Ramos, Rocío Yuste Tosina
Pages 82-91

9. Flipped Classroom with video tutorials in data analysis practical lessons for university education: Students’ perception of their effectiveness
Fernando Martínez Abad, Juan Pablo Hernández Ramos
Pages 92-105

10. Scientifc toys to teach Physics and Chemistry. Examples of its use in Primary Education
José Manuel Montejo Bernardo
Pages 106-121

11. The intervention on the development of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Technologies for Information and Communication
Manoel Baña Castro, Luisa Losada-Puente
Pages 122-135

12. Ecological gardens: an innovative resource to contribute to competences for sustainable development at initial preschool teacher training
Lourdes Aragón Núñez
Pages 136-146

13. Working on educational values and responsible consumption from advertising
Rafael Moreno Díaz, María del Mar Martínez Castro
Pages 147-158

14. Coaching to develop emotional intelligence
Lucía Pimentel Gregorio
Pages 159-170

15. Gender differences over a test to asses Emotional Intelligence in Primary and Secondary degree students
Federico Pulido Acosta
Pages 171-183

Propuestas de innovación educativa en la sociedad de la información