Experiencias educativas en el aula de Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria

Educational experiences in Preschool, Primary and Secondary classroom


Editor: Gabriela de la Cruz
Spanish (English titles and abstracts)
Publication date:
September, 2018
This edited volume is composed of seventeen chapters and covers topics such as inclusion and equity in education, research and children, socio-emotional education, methodologies and learning strategies, technological resources applied to education, bullying prevention and psychometrics in school performance tests.

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Table of contents


1. Classroom participation: experiences of high school students
Gabriela de la Cruz
Pages 1-11
2. Empowering children in educational research: challenges, possibilities and frameworks for action
Ana Castro Zubizarreta, Mari-Carmen Caldeiro-Pedreira
Pages 12-21
3. Educational investment and early school-leaving. Comparative analysis between Autonomous Communities
María Fátima Rosado-Castellano, Jorge Cáceres-Muñoz
Pages 22-32
4. Influence of opposite emotional states over children’s academic achievement
Federico Pulido Acosta
Pages 33-49
5. ICT in multicultural educational context: interdisciplinary work experience
Pilar Andrea Uribe Sepúlveda, Patricia Andrea Zúñiga Gómez
Pages 50-65
6. Differential item functioning by sex in secondary school education students
Delia Arroyo Resino
Pages 66-76

7. Didactic possibilities of conceptual and mental maps
Ana María Alonso Fernández
Pages 77-85

8. The difference as a tool for improving coexistence within the school environment
Elisabet Corzo González
Pages 86-94
9. Moral emotions in educational intervention
Víctor Hugo Robles Francia
Pages 95-105
10. Preventiac®, an application based on the sociometric technique for the prevention of bullying
Manuel Jesús Ramos Corpas
Pages 106-114
11. Student attitudes towards intercultural communicative interaction
Adriana Huaiquimil Hermosilla
Pages 115-124
12. Service-learning, a teaching practice that promotes minors engagement on learning
Domingo Mayor Paredes
Pages 125-136
13. Different didactic methodologies to teach and learn Mathematics at an Early Childhood Education
Adrián Balado Gómez
Pages 137-146
14. ¡A escribir bien! Online game for mobile devices. Social and funny way to improve ortography
Nayibe Soraya Sánchez León, Soraya Jiménez Montaña, Melissa Rivera Guzmán, José Alexander Aguilar González
Pages 147-156
15. Mediation in the Educational Centres. Perceptions from Coordinators of Mediation Teams
Laura García-Raga, Roser Grau
Pages 157-167
16. A didactic program through ICT for the teaching and learning of the Second World War
Alejandro López García
Pages 168-178
17. Salactiva Project. Design and implementation of learning spaces. An innovative experience
Alejandra González Hermosilla
Pages 179-187
Experiencias educativas en el aula de Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria